I Hate Leukemia

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Absolutely hate it. I read this update on Siona's website earlier today:

After waiting for over 2 days we got the phone call around 5.00 this evening and the news we were waiting for finally came and unfortunately it wasn't the # we were looking for. The abnormal cell count is still 13% which means we were stable throughout but not enough to get Siona into remission. Siona is such a brave girl and visually has done great, which to us makes this journey more bearable. We will meet with the doctors on Friday and then decide where we go from here. We are obviously disappointed, but when you look at Siona and see her smiles and energy we know we will continue to keep trying to get her into remission and go for transplant as the goal.

July 7th, 2010
Please send your thoughts, prayers, hopes, dreams -- anything to help Siona and her family get through these tough days ahead. Thanks.

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A Few Notes

robert (now and then)
(hover to see RKB in 1990)
After running two marathons in October 2010 with Team in Training, I've decided to "slack off" with just the one marathon in 2011.

This year will be in memory of Siona Shah, an amazing young girl who spent the final third of her too-short life battling leukemia with courage, grace, humility, and smiles.

It will also be in memory of my step-grandmother, Ruth, who passed away on June 15th after a recurrence of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I'd originally started using this site to tell my story -- roughly eight months of treatment in 1990, as well as the impact leukemia had on me in the years that followed. Much of that story is still available through the "Table of Contents" below (starting with my initial diagnosis while I was studying in England).

 - Robert K. Brown
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